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Meat product manufacturing industry / Processed meat manufacturing industry / Seafood processing industry / Frozen seafood processing industry / Pickles manufacturing industry / Seasoning manufacturing industry (miso, soy sauce) / Bread manufacturing industry / Fresh confectionery manufacturing industry / Rice cracker manufacturing industry ,Hailstone)/Noodle manufacturing industry (udon, soba, pasta)/Tofu manufacturing industry / Prepared food manufacturing industry / Liquor manufacturing industry (sake brewery)

List of achievements in the food processing industry



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These days,

・Equipment for HACCP

・Environmental proposals from the perspective of SDGs (biomass trays and recycling support)

・ Containers that improve workability (tapeless, etc.) in response to work style reforms

・Sales of trays compatible with frozen vending machines

Comprehensive/comprehensive proposals are increasing.


We have experienced members in each industry (meat, fresh fish, perishables, sweets, bread, noodles, etc.), so please feel free to contact us.

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