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Examples of initiatives by industry

We provide products to customers in a wide variety of industries, mainly in the manufacturing and food industries. Our business purpose is to "strengthen the competitiveness of our customers through materials". The purpose of using the materials and the desired effects differ depending on the customer company. We hope that our numerous achievements will help strengthen your company's competitiveness.


Housing material manufacturing industry
Electronic parts manufacturing industry
Automotive parts manufacturing industry, etc.

​ Focusing on paper containers, bags, and cushioning materials
Many achievements

Logistics industry

Warehousing, transportation

processing industry, pallets, etc.
logistics materials
Stretch film/tape
Packing materials such as ​, cardboard
​Many achievements centered on bags

Construction industry

Construction and civil engineering business
General construction business, real estate business

Equipment, various materials for on-site expenses
Business improvement using tanomail
Many achievements

Food supermarket・

​food retail

food supermarket
bakery, butcher
Including the fishmonger and the backyard

Packaging materials such as trays, bags and boxes
From consumables such as wraps to hygiene products such as gloves
We have many achievements

Food processing industry

Meat product manufacturing industry, side dish manufacturing industry
Bento manufacturing industry
For various food processing factories

​Packaging materials such as trays, bags, and boxes
Consumables such as wraps, gloves, etc.
We have many achievements including sanitary products

agriculture, fishery, livestock industry,

​ Seafood processing industry

Producer, agricultural corporation
Various organizations such as Zen-noh

Packaging materials such as food containers and bags
Sanitary products such as nitrile gloves
Cardboard, Styrofoam, etc.
Shipping packing material
We have many achievements


Wet towels, chopsticks, chopstick bags
Take-out containers, paper napkins
In addition to ready-made products such as hygiene products
business card, shop card
Original printing of menus, etc.
Many achievements

Public office

City Hall, Prefectural Office, Resident Autonomy Council
Public hall, school facilities

Other affiliated organization posters, flyers, etc.
Bid Proposals for Printed Goods.
Resolving local problems with the ability to propose a wide range of products
​We will support the solution


nursing home
Support facilities for people with disabilities

​Hospitals, etc.
plastic gloves, diapers
Care products (wipes, soap, etc.)

We have many achievements

Service industry

Hotel and inn business
petrol station or laundry

Offices of various professions
Original novelty production, printed matter production
acrylic partition,
Alcohol hand sanitizer, camera thermometer, ​
Various proposals such as masks are possible

Internet sales business

Various online shopping
Stores that carry out

product package design
Wrapping paper such as wrapping, cushioning material
Packing materials such as boxes and delivery bags
Secondary materials such as labels and stickers
Suitable for any food or product
We can also make proposals for frozen and refrigerated products.

Office common

Writing utensils, copy paper, files, etc.
office supplies, desks and chairs
Printed materials such as contracts and slips

for any office
We have a wide range of products that we can offer.
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