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Would you like to play an active role as an expert in packaging materials and packages?

What do you think of when you hear the word “packaging materials”?

Paper bags, cardboard, trays, stickers, labels, POP, etc. are all correct!

Packaging materials play a major role in all areas of production (manufacturing), transportation (transportation), and retail (retail). If you change the packaging material, the efficiency of manufacturing and transportation will increase, and you will be able to sell more by changing the package design.

Furthermore, depending on the combination of materials and shapes, we can deliver excitement, peace of mind, and safety the moment the customer picks up the product.

Through packaging materials, we help our clients to strengthen their competitiveness.

My job is to propose and deliver the most necessary packaging materials to many customers (more than 2,000 companies). There are more than 300 suppliers for that! By combining them, we will help you realize your wishes.

To that end, we carefully listen to the needs of our customers and mobilize all of our in-house expertise to create proposals.

Here is a place where you can make use of your fresh ideas!

We are looking forward to your application!


Kamioz Industry Co., Ltd.
Masahiko Ozu, President and Representative Director

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